The Advisory Council to the ISC3 project held its third meeting on 2 December 2017 in Frankfurt. It was the last meeting before the official launch of the ISC3, and a lot of work was ahead for the Advisory Council to discuss key messages and assist in the preparation of the ISC3 launch conference. Part of the meeting was dedicated to discuss the three studies that form some of the basis of the future ISC3 work (see last newsletter).The council members also finalized the vision for ISCas a central international multi-stakeholder focal point, driving sustainable chemistry and fostering collaboration, e.g. between industry and academia and between developing and industrialized countries.

Likewise, a vision statement on what sustainable chemistry entails was discussed. A background paper is being developed which elucidates the challenge of sustainable development, the role of chemistry and a way forward to realization of sustainable chemistry. Another agenda point was the establishment of the ISCnet, a unique network of interested stakeholders from all over the world offering contacts, ideas and collaboration platforms for interested scientists in sustainable chemistry. This network will be run by the ISC3 and launched in 2017. Finally, Yonas Chebude, vice chairman of the Advisory Council, thanked all members for their hard work and Petra Greiner, representing the German Environment Agency, invited all members to participate in the ISCnet.