Advisory Council


After first approaches towards topics and tasks for the centre, a detailed discussion is planned integrating a number of prominent stakeholders who are working in the field of Sustainable Chemistry and adjacent areas. Therefore, an advisory council has been founded. We are happy to welcome researchers, representatives of enterprises, international institutions and interested associations as well as Sustainable Chemistry “visionaries” from throughout the world. The advisory council, made up of these men and women, will discuss topics concerning ISC3 and the network in close cooperation with the German Federal Environment Agency and the project team. The first workshop has been done at Frankfurt in mid December. From the list of members of the advisory council you may take a broad representation of different stakeholders. Representatives from universities, international organisations, industrial companies and associations, governments as well as NGOs will work together to make up ISC3 . The Advisory Council comprises about 35 members from nearly all continents and from industrialized as well as from developing countries.

The 2nd workshop will take place shortly.