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Date(s) - 19/09/2017 - 20/09/2017
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(accompanied by a Global Chemical Safety and Security Exhibition)

19-20 September,2017


Draft as of 10 March, 2017


The chemical industry manufactures, stores, and transports a wide array of chemicals every day. Because of their potential health and safety hazards, chemicals must be carefully managed from manufacturing to end use in research, pharmaceutical, agricultural, petrochemical, and water treatment applications, to name a few. With facilities, suppliers, and end users located around the globe, chemical operations are vulnerable to a variety of disruptions stemming from natural disasters, extreme weather, cyberattacks, biohazards, and pandemics. Additionally, local or regional disruptions to critical suppliers can cause cascading disruptions across geographic regions and in multiple industries.

CHEMSS2017 Summit is built on the work accomplished at the first global summit CHEMSS2016 (www.chemss2016.org) /Kielce, Poland, 18-20 April 2016/, which gathered over 400 participants from 47 (mainly developing) countries. CHEMSS2016 produced, inter alia, the Summit Declaration and support for global promotion of the acknowledgment the CHEM-FRIENDLY in Safety and Security in China and worldwide, which built a broad environment for the development of chemical and ecological safety and security on the local, national, regional and global levels. Importance of the sustainable development strategy and its goals, the circular economy and the concept of the sustainable chemistry, including REACH procedure will be taken on board.

Owners and operators should secure their products from theft and diversion for use in chemical or explosive weapons. The chemical industry now faces increasingly sophisticated cyber adversaries and a growing concern among operators of insider threats. Chemical owners and operators should continue to assess their risks and establish security, business continuity, and emergency response plans to mitigate individual risks.

Sessions at the 2017 Global Summit on Chemical Safety and Security – CHEMSS2017 are designed to provide governments, industry, and first responders with techniques and suggestions to strengthen community preparedness and enhance chemical safety and security through trainings, case studies, global policy and forum updates, and sharing of best practices. To ensure a comprehensive, integrated and inclusive approach the sessions at CHEMSS2017 will be divided in 7 thematic streams:

Stream 1: CHEMSS Facilities safety and security – safety and security of chemical facilities and reduce the risks of chemicals to local communities, including  regulatory programs and industry approaches

Stream 2: CHEMSS Logistics – Chemical Safety and Security in the Transportation and Storage of Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Stream 3: CHEMSS Cyber Security – Increasing resilience and preventing chemical and petrochemical sites from cyber attacks

Stream 4: CHEMSS Responsible Agriculture – for the Safe and Secure Handling of Fertilizers

Stream 5: CHEMSS Youth Forum – Students for Chemical and Environmental Safety and Security

Stream 6: CHEMSS Human Resources – developing skills and talent acquisition in the developing countries

Stream 7: CHEMSS Environmental Impact Assessment   

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