Advisory Services

Advisory Services

ISC3 provides advisory services on its focus topics. For example “Biocide Leasing”, “Plastics and Sustainable Building” or “Renewable Energy and Sustainable Chemistry”. Our advisory can help you to determine how to promote Sustainable Chemistry in your sector.

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One example of advisory services revolves around the topic of “Biocide Leasing”. The “Biocide Leasing” project concept aims to implement trainings in the form of webinars, which results in specific advisory services and ultimately in a pilot-project.

In 2023, three training-workshops on the topic of Biocide-Leasing were organised.

All three trainings took place in English with Spanish translation, and a total number of 112 participants was reached. Interested parties came from the industry (producers and users of biocides) or had a policy-background. The aim of the training workshops was to increase the knowledge and skills about chemical leasing applied to biocides. Furthermore, the webinars were used to identified promising applicants and follow-up talks were conducted with interested parties to identify possible pilot projects.

This resulted in two advisory talks in Uruguay, in one case for a producer of biocides interested in applying chemical leasing, in the other case with a local network for the chemical industry, wanting to introduce its members to the topic of chemical leasing.