Sustainable Chemistry Club

Sustainable Chemistry Club

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Do you want to learn what impact can be achieves with Green and Sustainable Chemistry? Do you want to connect to experts from Academia, Industry and Innovation? Would you like to be part of a growing community of people committed to sustainability? Join our Sustainable Chemistry Club!

The International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Center (ISC3), together with the Science and Technology Park Pune (Scitech), launched a webinar series about Sustainable Chemistry called the Sustainable Chemistry Club. Our goal with the club is to raise awareness on the pivotal role of Green and Sustainable Chemistry (SC) as a major contribution to achieving the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Chemistry contributes to every aspect of modern life, from food, agriculture, personal care, clean drinking water to waste management, circular economy and energy, 90% of global production depends on chemical products. The chemical industry and downstream sectors affect nearly every manufacturing and service sector worldwide and it´s therefor, one of the largest contributors to climate change! The chemical sector consumes 10% of the world's total energy and contributes to 8% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Join our club and learn how you can be part of the change

The “Sustainable Chemistry Club” is a new initiative, organized by the ISC3 and the Science and Technology Park Pune (Scitech)

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The Sustainable Chemistry Club 2022/ 2023

The objective of the roundtable discussion is to highlight actions being taken to promote and implement Green and Sustainable Chemistry across different stakeholders: Policymakers, Entrepreneurs and Academia. The event will seek to foster a common understanding of Green and Sustainable Chemistry and showcase how UNEPs Green and Sustainable Chemistry: Framework Manual and the 10 Green and Sustainable Chemistry objectives can be useful tools for stakeholders to take relevant actions. Participants will see the potential of green and sustainable chemical innovations to support the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

After the Roundtable, the following webinars will each focus on one or more of UNEP’s Objectives, with corresponding illustrative examples from impactful Sustainable Chemistry start-ups, MSMEs and innovators from across India.

The club was created to bring together the Sustainable Chemistry ecosystem and discuss the pivotal role of Sustainable Chemistry across sectors and value chains. Panelists will discuss the holistic concept of Sustainable Chemistry and it´s linkages between various industry sectors and innovation. Each session will be followed by a networking event, where all participants will have the opportunity to exchange with our Panel of experts.

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The Sustainable Chemistry Club 2021

The club was created to raise awareness on the pivotal role of Sustainable Chemistry (SC) across sectors and value chains. Participants had the opportunity to learn the holistic concept of Sustainable Chemistry and understand the linkages between SC, various industry sectors and innovation. In every session one speaker from Europe and India present their insights, experiences and challenges followed by an open discussion.

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You can also find our past Sustainable Chemistry Club Webinars on Youtube

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