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ISC3 initiative on Biocide Leasing

Chemical Leasing

Capacity building is more than just workshops and training methods: it must materialize in action. ISC3 promotes the application of Sustainable Chemistry concepts. One example is the innovative business model of chemical leasing. ISC3 promotes this business model by supporting concrete implementation projects.

As with our other capacity development projects, the involvement of partners is very important, and we are looking for partners with a strong multiplicator function that can help us roll-out concepts of Sustainable Chemistry.

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Factsheet ISC3/ChemPerform: Biocide Leasing

A triple-win business model for Sustainable Chemistry

The Capacity Development approach of ISC3

Biocides are a group of chemicals used in a multitude of industrial and daily life applications. They are essential and generate advantages: they help to fulfil hygiene requirements and protect the health of humans and animals and are also used in industrial processes.

Example: Biocides Leasing

Biocides Leasing, or Chemical Leasing, is a business model for sustainable chemicals management, based on the exchange of knowledge and service.

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Producers of chemicals are driven by the assumption that “The more you sell the more you earn”, putting a lot of pressure on the environment. The concept of chemical leasing promotes that producers produce just the right amount of chemicals and makes sure that they are used in the best possible way, by also providing the customer with the right knowledge or services.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the usage of biofuels drastically increased, leading to shortages to some of the resources. Therefore, ISC3 selected biocides as a possible field of application for chemical leasing and wants to set up a hands-on implementation project in one of our partner countries.

Examples of organizations where many biocides are used are hospitals, kitchens, or industry.

In April 2022, an initial awareness raising webinar took place in collaboration with the Basel-Stockholm Regional Centre and the National agency for research and innovation in Uruguay. 60 participants learned about the benefits of chemical leasing and first steps towards the formation of a network of users and producers of biocides was formed.

ISC3 will further support those companies and is looking to extend its scope to other countries in the region like Peru and Chile.

We want to start with one phase of awareness raising, followed by training of trainers and implementation. An initial outcome would be an implementation pilot project concept in a hospital or in the food industry.