Ready, set, here are the Changemakers!

Ready, set, here are the Changemakers!

The ISC3 has selected it`s finalists for the Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Textiles

The finalists of the €25,000 5th ISC3 Innovation Challenge, which was looking for innovations in the fields of Sustainable Chemistry and Textiles, have been announced! A jury of 23 international experts selected the five finalists from a large number of outstanding applications from all over the world. This year, the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) called on start-ups to apply with innovative solutions from all fields related to Sustainable Chemistry, that can contribute to a more sustainable textile industry. Examples include environmentally benign production, alternative materials and feedstock, waste minimization and recycling, and alternative business models.

An international jury consisting of independent reviewers, including representatives of the ISC3 partner organisations and external experts, especially from the textile sector, ensured a professional evaluation of all international submissions at a very high level.

"The large number of start-ups registered and the feedback from the start-ups we have already supported show that the ISC3 Innovation Challenge is a valuable opportunity for young companies in the field of Sustainable Chemistry. Visionary innovators should receive the support they need to realise their creative approaches and innovative solutions, because we as a society have the same goal: to contribute to a more sustainable future,"
thanks Dr Alexis Bazzanella, Director of the ISC3 Innovation Hub, for the jury's expert assessments.

After a long and careful preparation and two-rounds selection process that started out in March 2024 and evaluated a total of around 50 start-up innovations, the following start-ups made it to the final round of the ISC3 Innovation Challenge 2024 (alphabetic order):

Dimpora AG (Switzerland)

Dimpora® is a revolutionary PFAS-free textile membrane that makes fabrics completely waterproof and breathable without harming the environment, thanks to a scientifically based and patented CoreLayer technology.

DNACotton (Turkey)

DNACotton has developed a block-chain based traceability system in the textile sector by engaging DNABarkod® technology. This technology involves the genetic tagging of products at various stages of the production cycle, providing each product with a unique genetic identifier.


Polybion uses locally produced agro-industrial fruit waste as raw material to craft forward-thinking biomaterials such as Celium™- Premium Cultivated Cellulose. Celium™ can be dyed, embossed and tanned using existing infrastructure, resulting in a lower negative environmental impact than traditional fabrics.

Renasens AB (Sweden)

Renasens contribute to accelerating the transition to a circular economy by developing a waterless & clean technology to recycle agricultural and blended textile wastes to new resources without fibers´ depolymerisation or degradation.


SCHUTZEN develops bio-based and biodegradable textile and leather chemicals that support biodiversity. These chemicals are based on the valorisation of bio-waste from the seeds of a local tree fruit and use their patented reaction technology. SCHUTZEN’s innovation reduces carbon emissions, provides an alternative to hazardous substances, thereby reducing risks to human health, reducing water pollution and promoting biodiversity.

All finalists will get access to the customized support of the ISC3 Global Startup Service in the form of an online pitch training. They will be featured via the ISC3 communication channels as “best practice examples for Sustainable Chemistry innovations” in the ISC3 series Start-up of the Month.

Furthermore, based on their presentation at the end of the pitch training, the finalists will get the chance to pitch on 30/31 October 2024 during the ISC3 Investor Forum 2024 and win €15,000. This year's ISC3 Investor Forum will take place live in Frankfurt a.M., Germany, as part of Impact Festival. At the end of the 6th ISC3 Investor Forum, the Innovation Challenge award ceremony will take place, where, in addition to the main winner, two other solutions will be awarded €5,000 each for a special impact.

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