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Renewable Energy Source & Circular Economy

Workshop in Casablanca, Morocco

Type: Workshop
Topic: Collaboration
Length: 1 Day
Start Date - Time: 31.01.2023 - 09:00 AM
End Date - Time: 31.01.2023 - 06:00 PM
Location: Africa > MA > Rabat

A Focus Topic workshop lead by ISC3 Science & Innovation. Main topics: photovoltaic panels, windmill rotor blades, batteries, rare metals, desalination and water management.
We are discussing sustainability, recycling and circularity with international and local stakeholders from research, industry, authorities, ngos and international organisations. A white paper is following in 2023 to sum up the results of the focus topic.

ISC3 dives into a new discussion with the experts from Morocco on the topic of Renewable Energy Sources & Circular Economy. A workshop is taking place in Morocco on the 17th of January 2023. Representatives from research, private sector, NGOs as well as international organisations are welcome to work on the strategies for Circular Economy. The Spotlight is set on solar panels, windmill rotor blades, batteries as well as good water management and desalination which are of crucial importance specifically for the Moroccan climate. The renewable energy sources can play the main part in the rapidly developing Moroccan energy sector and its roadmap on green hydrogen that comes from renewable energy sources. The Circular Economy considers different types of end-of-life operations: reduction of materials and waste, reuse of products, separation and recycling as well as energy recovery. ISC3 develops a common understanding of Sustainable Chemistry pointing out at the versatile dimensions of sustainability which include besides environmental aspects like e.g. water pollution or climate change also the impacts on social sphere like child labour, forced migration and resource conflicts as well as a big scope of economic and regulative facets to be considered, e.g. the price competition and development of specific incentives in the sector.
ISC3 prepares a white paper with the contributions from the workshop



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