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The role of chemistry in addressing hunger and food security

ACS Campaign for a Sustainable Future

Type: Web Event
Topic: Research Information
Length: 4 Days
Start Date - Time: 05.12.2022 - 12:00 AM
End Date - Time: 08.12.2022 -
Location: Web

ACS Campaign for a Sustainable Future: Zero Hunger Summit
In 2015, the United Nations set the goal of achieving “Zero Hunger” - ending world hunger and providing universal food security by 2030. Unfortunately, climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the war in Ukraine have made this ambitious goal even more challenging. But with 690 million people suffering from hunger worldwide and a growing world population, work must be done now to build sustainable food systems for all.

Chemistry and engineering have long had an essential part to play in the fight against hunger. From the invention of chemical fertilizers over a century ago to carbon capture technology being developed today, innovation has been critical for increasing the quantity and quality of food. But what role do chemistry and engineering play in improving food security now, and how do they interact with sustainability, economic forces, and government policy?

On December 5-8, the American Chemical Society is hosting the Zero Hunger Summit. Part of the Campaign for a Sustainable Future, this free online event will explore how chemistry and engineering can contribute towards the goal of “Zero Hunger.” Experts from government, industry, academia, and nonprofit organization will present on a wide range of topics, including:
-Climate Impacts on Agriculture: Adaptation & Reducing Crop Stress
-Impacts of Agriculture on Climate: Mitigation of Greenhouse Gasses 
-Optimizing Crop Production
-Sustainable Food Packaging and Reducing Waste

Thank you to those who contributed to the planning of the Summit:
Scientific Planning Committee:
Paul Dauenhauer, Professor | University of Minnesota
Bob Maughon, Executive Vice President, CTSO | SABIC
Mike Morello, Committee on Science | ACS
Susan Moser, Division Director | National Institute of Food and Agriculture | USDA
Vid Hegde, Vice President | Corteva Agrisciences
Fengqi You, Professor | Cornell University
Shannon Kenny, Principal Deputy Associate Administrator | U.S. EPA

ACS Affliates:
H.N. Cheng, Immediate Past President | American Chemical Society
Laura McConnell, Deputy Editor | ACS Agricultural Science and Technology
Coralia Osorio Roa, Deputy Editor | ACS Food Science and Technology

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