Geyser Batteries

Geyser Batteries

Innovative high-power batteries with a sustainable approach

Geyser Batteries

Geyser Batteries, a Finland-based startup, develops and manufactures innovative high-power batteries with a sustainable approach. The novelty lies in combining a supercapacitor and a secondary reduction–oxidation battery in a hybrid electrochemical system using recyclable materials and water. Through this, the advantages of a supercapacitor can be preserved while significantly increasing the energy density. The key distinguishing feature from other hybrid systems is that the redox reaction happens on both electrodes. The aim for a conscientious future has driven Geyser Batteries forward and the company aims at becoming a key player and facilitator in a highly developing renewable energy and heavy-duty machinery markets.

Year of Foundation:

November 2018

Addresses the following SDGs:

SDG 5 (gender equality), SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy), SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth), SDG 9 (industry, innovation, and infrastructure), SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production), SDG 13 (climate action).

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The Geyser battery can be used in different applications
A Geyser Batteries Module

High-power unconventional hybrid solutions for batteries

Batteries play an important part in our everyday life and hold an immense potential when envisioning a sustainable future reliant on affordable and clean energy. Innovating beyond the currently available options made Aleksei Beliakov, now CTO and co-founder of the company, to take a step forward to accountable electrification systems during his over 25 years of research in the field of supercapacitors. The idea of adding a redox reaction, turning it into a hybrid system, came from the necessity to overcome the limitation in the energy density. Andrey Shigaev, physicist, CEO and co-founder, with his extensive entrepreneurial experience from the industrial sector and MBA-oriented leadership courses, had the tools to approach innovation from an entrepreneurial perspective. The duo met, decided the idea was worth going ahead with, and pushed Geyser Batteries to the next level of pursuing sustainable, powerful, and durable solutions. The team has been enhanced with altogether 25 experts in the fields of electrochemistry and business development to boost the expertise in a cross-sectoral manner to tackle the technological and business aspects. Their work culminates in the breakthrough that is now their product. The technology itself combines the features of a supercapacitor and a secondary battery in a safe and sustainable electrochemical system, allowing a highly cyclic performance with high power and good energy density.

Facilitators towards a sustainable change for the future

Geyser Batteries is dedicated to providing efficient solutions for decades to come. As providers of a sustainable source of high power, they are able to facilitate the transition to renewable energy for other industries, while pursuing the circular economy path. The choice of the raw materials, such as carbon and water, confirms the commitment to these principles with almost half being of a recyclable nature. The electrodes, both positive and negative, are made of activated carbon offering a more positive environmental impact. The usage of water as a non-flammable electrolyte solvent is an alternative to the organic solvents used in standard options, allowing a safer use and less energy-intensive manufacturing. All these factors contribute to a lower carbon footprint that aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, both for Geyser Batteries and its clients.“Leading the transition to a circular economy is part of our vision. This will be done by bringing sustainable batteries to the market and enabling their use worldwide.” Daria Hedberg, Business Development and ESG Manager, Geyser Batteries, stated.

Next up at Geyser Batteries

The Start-up is finding its place in the market and looking to scale up the product by promoting inclusive electrification of the market. The nature of the product and the low CAPEX manufacturing process allow for the technology to be licensed and easily employed worldwide, and to welcome innovative sustainable batteries to become part of a changing electrification story globally.